Wrangler Bull

Price : 240000 ₹

  • Payment Terms : Only Pay 30000 ₹ advance Rest Cash on delivery.
  • Shipping : Free all over INDIA
  • Taxes – Vat/CST is included. OCTROI, Entry Tax, local taxes/clearance charges extra if applicable in your city/state, to be paid by buyer. If any VAT Form or any other document is applicable to make delivery of the product in your City/State, must be provided by buyer. Please check state regulations before placing the order.


Owing a Mechanical Bull Rode is a long term investment. All Rodeo Mechanical Bulls sold in INDIA are sold and made by local vendors. They have not updated their manufacturing plants since a long time. We Jumpking imports the parts from diffrent countries, Our motor is made in Italy, Inflatable and air pump is made in Guangzhou, Controller and Bull Machines we assemble in INDIA. We have each and every spare part readily available for any kind of after sales service. Our prices are lowest in class.

Specs Details
Brand – Jumpking
Size – 16 feet Diameter
Space Required – 18 ft x 18 ft
Height – 4.5 Feet
Weight – 390 Kgs
Capacity – 1 Person at a time
Origin – Assembled in INDIA
Spares – Available
Outdoor – Ready, But keep the electronic components away from water.
Life – 10-15 Years
Pack – Inflatable Bed, Bull Body, Motor, CE air pump, control Panel
Shipping – Free
Taxes – CST/VAT Included in said Price
Cash on delivery – You have to pay 30000 Advance, rest COD


We want you to enjoy our product for as long as possible. Its gentle, flexible swing movement should delight you and its daily use should be easy. Obviously, good design and safety whilst exercising are all part of this. Experience has taught us that consistent good quality that ensures these requirements are met is only achievable with GS, CE & TUV certifications. Before you purchase,compare the design and workmanship of our products with that of others.. You will conclude that all our components are perfectly processed and if anything, over designed instead of under designed, so that long durability is warranted. All joints have been engineered securely and movable parts designed to be soundless. We don’t plan to relax though now we have reached this standard. We are continuously wondering how we can improve our products and further development is therefore always taking place. Suggestions from customers are always welcome.

GS Stands for German Standards.

CE Stands for Conformation to European Standards.

TUV Stands for (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein) Literally “Technical Watch-Over Association.” A German certifying body involved with product safety for the European community.


This is step by step video of Wrangler Bull Ride installation. Any one above 15 years of age can do the installation within 30 minutes. Installing the Wrangler Bull Ride is equal fun.